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Saltire-sky-icon-1aTuesday 06 September 2016 at 2:30pm for 3pm

Visit to Surgeons' Hall Museums

A spine-tingling visit to the recently 'resharpened' museums of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Gather for coffee 2:30pm at the venue's Cafe 1505 for tour, with room guides, at 3pm. 

Please contact our Honorary Secretary if you would like to attend this event.



Hjertelig Velkommen
 Warm Welcome to NSA

Our Association, which meets in Edinburgh, provides an opportunity for Scots, Norwegians and friends to get together and to celebrate important Norwegian events. Whether you have a family connection with Norway, or just a love of Norwegian or Scottish culture, why not come and join us? Ye'll surely find a 'hearty welcome'!


Norwegian Scottish Association


Did You Know?

Norwegian Princess - Scottish Queen

Margreta Eiriksdatter - 'The Maid of Norway', was the daughter of Eric II of Norway and the granddaughter of Alexander III of Scotland. On the death of her Scottish grandfather, the young Norwegian princess inherited the Crown of Scotland and preparations were made for her coronation at Scone. But the sea voyage from Norway, made late in the year, proved too much, and she died before reaching Orkney.

Margareta (d1290)

Margreta (born Bergen 1283, died Orkney 1290) is buried at Kristkirken (Christ's Kirk) at Holmen, Bergen. A memorial stone stands at the spot.